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Please turn on Bluetooth and GPS (Android) on your phone
Note: Make sure your operating system is supported (ios7 and android 4.3 above), if there is more than one Finme smart cup nearby, please insert the batteries one by one.

Insert the Battery

Use a coin or 2 thumbs to rotate counter-clockwise to open the lid and then place 2 CR2032 button batteries, adjust for symmetry and close the lid. Video How to change battery

Download and install the app

Scan the QR code on your phone to download and install, or enter "Finme" in the search bar of Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)
Or visit the website  http://app.vson.com.vn

  • Sign in with Facebook (with friend list feature)
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Apple id (ios support only)

You can log into the app in 3 ways

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Daily exercise time

You can also change your avatar or
Turn on/off to receive fun notification from app

p/s: you will receive the very best notification from Finme app

Search and connect Finme smart cup

The first time you sign in, you will be taken to the device search page.
After searching for new device successfully, the app will ask you to change the new cup name
Default cup name is:
VSON#WP2890#FinmeXXX (XXX is random number)

After successful connection and changed the cup name, you will be taken to the HOME screen

Personal profile settings

The app will calculate your water goal base on the following factors:

If you haven't had a Finme smart water bottle, click here   https://finme.vson.com.vn to buy one





battery cover

I will go to bed from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. You also remember to sleep early like me

I will cry out loud when I'm so thirsty, you should supply yourself with water

At this time, I was just sobbing, because there was lacking  a little bit of water in my body

I'm very happy, because you took a good care of me

You drank a lot of water already, stop it!

Give me back my life, grab a Finme and drink water for me to reincarnate quickly !!!!! (I'll die if you do not open app in 24 hours)

Thank you for saving my soul, I have been reborn, but my age has been resetted to 0 day :(



You will be really surprised to be able to review every hour and minute and every sip of water that you drank.

In addition, you can see how many % of your goals you have achieved in the daily report.

In the monthly report, you can see a full overview of the process of absorbing energy from the time you started drinking water to the present time.


Space for competition and have fun with friends

The friends list is only visible when you are logged in with your Facebook account.

In this screen you can keep track of your friend's pet's age.


Calibrate cup: If there is no drinking data to upload, or the water information is not displayed correctly, please recalibrate the Finme bottle (follow the instructions in the app) 

My Finme: at this screen you can connect more Finme bottles, rename them, or delete them,

Show Friend: turn on/off top 10 friends in Home Screen

Language: switch language between English and Vietnamese

Log out: Log out of your current account


LED reminder After the Finme Smart cup and FINME app are connected, after 12:00 when you pick up or place the cup on the table, the LED light will turn on for 2 seconds. If it is red, the amount of water you drink is not enough. 

Buzzer reminder: once the Finme Smart Cup and the FINME app are connected, the buzzer will remind you within 8AM-8PM.

  • If each sip is 100ml of water, the bell will prompt after 30 minutes.
  • If each sip of water from 100-200ml of water, the bell will remind after 1 hour.
  • If each sip is more than 200ml, the bell will prompt after 2 hours.
  • If you do not drink even when prompted, the bell will ring every 5 minutes.
  • If in the end you still don't drink, the bell will stop!

Of course if you drink enough water, the bell won't bother you. 

Frequently asked Questions

BPA Free?

Finme smart water bottle is made from 304 stainless steel and Polypropylene plastic used exclusively for food storage, safe for health, and has been tested by the health department.

How does a Finme water bottle measure water intake?

Your Finme water bottle has a sensor system under its tray. Finme is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries. That means you don't have to worry about charging! When you take 1 sip of water, the sensor measures the amount of water you drank and passes this data to the Finme app, so it can track your drinking progress throughout the day, week and month.

Is cleaning the bottle easy?

We have tried to make it easy to clean the bottles. It does not take more than 1 second to unscrew the tray (sensor), and you just need to clean the lid and body normally.

Why are Finme bottles more expensive than other water bottles?

We know there are many water bottles on the market for under 25$, but we also know that those bottles have only one function: hold water. When you purchase the Finme smart bottle, you also get access to the Finme App completely free of charge. Our founder created Finme to combat dehydration, so we designed this bottle to do more than just hold water ^^.

Can Finme and our app do all of this + more?

  • Play a bell sound when reminding you to drink water
  • Illuminated led lights to indicate your drinking status
  • Send fun push reminders to your phone
  • Automatically monitor water intake by sensor system
  • Data sync with Finme app via Bluetooth Low Energy (iOS & Android)
  • Personalized daily drinking water goal calculation just for you
  • Compete with friends and watch their drinking progress in real time in the Finme App
  • Fashion Designer
  • Good heat retention, hot / cold
  • Virtual pets with Finme application
  • Hold water;)